Fancy Color Diamond

Diamonds are among nature’s most precious and beautiful creations.


Gem diamonds in GIA’s D-to-Z range usually decrease in value as the color becomes more obvious. Just the opposite happens with fancy color diamonds: Their value generally increases with the strength and purity of the color. Large, vivid fancy color diamonds are extremely rare and very valuable. However, many fancy diamond colors are muted rather than pure and strong.

1 IN 10,000

Only one in 10,000 diamonds has a fancy color.


In April 2017, the Pink Star diamond,
59.60 carats, became the most expensive
gem ever auctioned.


The 45.52-carat Fancy Deep grayish blue Hope Diamond is the world’s most famous gem.


There are processes used to alter the color, apparent clarity, or improve the durability of gems. Some gemstones have synthetic counterparts that have essentially the same chemical, physical, and optical properties, but are grown by man in a laboratory.


Diamond is the birthstone for April and the gem of the 10th and 60th anniversaries. Fancy color diamond adds a unique twist to your celebration.